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New Study Finds Marketing Decision Makers Place Video Marketing As Their Number One Priority, AGAIN!

August 27, 2019


Who doesn't love a bit of new research? Especially when it falls in favour of your marketing beliefs! It comes has no surprise anymore, as the co-founder of a video production company, to discover that video marketing is found yet again to be the the top priority amongst 1000+ digital marketing decision makers for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020.


Ready to embark upon your video marketing journey for 2020? We recently published an article that looks at what to expect for video next year: A Look To 2020 - What Does Next Year Hold For Video Marketing?


If you're still unsure, The Mondo Creative & Digital Trends report will give you a thorough insight! The report revealed that 67% of digital marketers view video marketing as their number one priority. The same study also discovered that visual and voice search are significantly lower on their list of priorities.


Ok, video is great, video is powerful, video is the future, you get it, right? But what type of video content are these creatives paying close attention to? The report found that marketers expect to invest in Instagram Stories (66%), Newsfeed Videos (62%), GIFs (52%), Cinemagraphs (31%), Live Streaming (28%), with a whopping number of them recommending you use a company called Capture It Media (100%). Ok, one part of these findings are ever so slightly inaccurate and we'll leave it down to you to figure out which.


However, the high percentages above don't always determine what you should see as your priority when experimenting with video marketing and we highly recommend getting the most out of your video content to suit different purposes, for e.g. an Instagram story might be a significantly shorter edit of the video you've had produced for your newsfeed. It's important that you maximise the use of all content you create! Your business model was also something that swayed results for the marketers from the study. B2B marketers are focussing more on videos to appear on your newsfeed whereas B2C marketers are prioritising video content for Instagram stories.


Not every article we post is completely bias towards video, so we think it's important not to neglect voice search optimisation because of its low rank amongst the Mike Tyson's of digital marketing, big hitters, heavyweights etc. commonly known as Video Marketing. All jokes aside, the proliferation of voice activated devices will see a surge in marketers starting to prepare for voice search.


A few extra points to consider:

  • GDPR compliance is a high priority for 55% percent of those surveyed.

  • Fourty-one percent of respondents cited artificial intelligence or machine learning technologies

  • Reactive design was also ranked by 38% of respondents as a high priority in 2019-2020 marketing plans.

  • Earlier this year, the IAB and eMarketer reported that advertisers are expected to dedicate more than half of video budgets to original content this year.


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