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Video Marketing Or Marketing With Video > Which Is It?

December 21, 2017

When you hear (or read) the phrase “video marketing” what comes to mind?


Is it marketing campaigns that involve or include video content?


Is it video content that is being marketed to the audience just as you would market blog content or any other content?


In other words, are we using video to market or are we marketing the video?



Removing The Confusion Of The Terminology

It is usually easier if we use some sort of example when defining things that are confusing. So, in this case, we are going to use cute dogs (literally!). Ready?


Example: Chihuahuas and Videos


Let’s say that you have a Chihuahua and you love this particular dog breed so much that you have now entered into the business of breeding Chihuahuas. We are also going to assume that everything is on the up-and-up and that you treat your dogs well, feed them well, find good homes, etc.


Now, these Chihuahua puppies are so cute that you make a video of their wriggling cuteness. You hire a videographer to package the video with all of the finesse that helps to give it that professional edge.

You could use the video as a way of helping to advertise that you breed Chihuahuas, bringing in new clients who will potentially pay you money for one of the pups in the next litter. In that case, you have used the video as a way to market the services of dog breeding, specifically in that of breeding well-bred Chihuahua puppies.


You could also use a snippet of the video and advertise that you have a longer video (say 60 min) that is filled with cute entertainment of these precious pups. In that case, you are using video content to market something, but you are marketing the potential sale of a full-length video. You are using a shorter video as a part of marketing that full-length video.


And, it could be that in the process of marketing and selling the full-length video, that you also include an advertisement for your Chihuahua breeding services, as well.


So, you see, there is the video content (most notably defined by the full-length video) and the video advertising (i.e. video advertising the full-length video and/or the video advertising the Chihuahua breeding services).


Do you see how one can intersect the other and possibly the lines are blurred? I mean, even video ads can become entertainment in and of themselves and versions can show up on Instagram, derivative versions on YouTube, embedded on your WordPress site, Tumblr, and all sorts of ideas to gain traffic. That traffic may be interested in yet another service that you offer and the cycle of opportunities continues.


In a nutshell, you have video advertisement and video content.



Snippet of the following article: https://pakwired.com/video-marketing-essential-content-marketing-strategy/ 

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