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Residence Restaurant & Bar - Refurbishment Facebook Campaign Review

September 28, 2017


Over the past couple of months we have been working on another Facebook campaign with Nantwich based restaurant and bar, Residence. They wanted a countdown campaign that promoted their upcoming refurbishment without giving too much away in the process.


We opted for a teaser campaign that consisted of both GIFs and videos. We created 3 GIFs which were released once a week up until the final week of their launch, then we switched to releasing 6 small snippet time lapse videos that showcased the construction development, followed by 1 final promotional style video that encapsulated both time lapse footage with subtle shots of the sleek makeover.


We emphasised the countdown element of the campaign within these short videos by starting to give more away development wise along with having a literal countdown at the end of each video.


All of these videos can be seen on Residence’s Facebook page




The Results


Okay so let’s get down to the nitty gritty part of the campaign, the results. We’ll break down the videos one by one…


7 Days To Go - 15th September 2017

Views - 5,249

Likes - 134

Shares - 22

Comments - 13


6 Days To Go - 16th September 2017

Views - 1,087

Likes - 37

Shares - 7

Comments - 1


5 Days To Go - 17th September

Views - 1,018

Likes - 25

Shares - 7

Comments - 1


4 Days To Go - 18th September

Views - 1,210

Likes - 25

Shares - 10

Comments - 0


3 Days To Go - 19th September

Views - 1,318

Likes - 35

Shares - 9

Comments - 2


2 Days To Go - 20th September

Views - 1,493

Likes - 38

Shares - 8

Comments - 10


1 Day To Go - 21st September

Views - 3,818

Likes - 100

Shares - 25

Comments - 28


This brings our grand total to:

Views - 15,193

Likes - 394

Shares - 88

Comments - 55


Just to go further into these results - this was over a one week period with absolutely no paid promotion whatsoever. So in the space of one week (excluding all other posts), Residence had received over fifteen thousand views, over three hundred likes, over eighty shares and over fifty comments.


Each video realistically had only one day to materialise before it became “outdated”, hence why some performed better than others. If we take into account some of the external factors such as the days they were published (e.g. two were released on the weekend), the videos all performed exceptionally well.


We also need to remember that, at the time of writing, Residences’ Facebook page has 6,560 likes and 6,423 followers which means the videos received almost triple their likes in views alone. When you think that no paid promotion has been used, these videos have worked really well organically.






So what does this campaign show?


Well, this campaign conveys exactly what the previous one did, except now it shows much more consistency. After our first campaign with Residence, we stated that:


“This campaign essentially stands to highlight the effectiveness of video marketing in the digital age. It showcases that video is not only engaging but it achieves engagements, even if you do not necessarily want to pay to promote it. A lot of companies, both small and large, are still relying on traditional methods of marketing and are often spending a fortune in the process.


This campaign demonstrates a modern, cost effective way to promote your business. One that doesn’t rely on somebody driving home from work and hearing you on the radio, one that doesn’t involve somebody looking through the business section of the local paper and one that doesn’t require somebody to take a flyer that’s been handed to them.


Again all this campaign required was a Facebook account (two billion + currently active) and a device to view it on (officially more mobile devices than people on earth).”


This statement still fits perfectly when reflecting on this campaign. The only real difference is that this campaign was a much bigger one, but our videos still produced excellent results nevertheless. As we’ve said multiple times, video is the future.





For all bookings and enquiries at the stunning new Residence Restaurant and Bar you can call them directly on 01270 629100 or visit their website at www.Residence.uk.com


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