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Residence Restaurant & Bar - Facebook Campaign Review

July 3, 2017


Over the past few weeks, we have been involved in creating a social media video campaign for local nantwich based restaurant and bar, Residence. For this, we filmed a series of “cocktail of the weeks”, “Gin of the weeks” and even created a quirky GIF for them to use to advertise their next venture, free Gin Thursday Masterclasses.


This was a weekly campaign, so one week Residence would post a Cocktail of the week and the second week they would post a Gin of the week, and so on for exactly four weeks (totalling two Cocktails and two Gins). The results we received from these videos were amazing, keeping in mind that there was no paid promotion behind any of these and they only really had a week to come to fruition.  


After these videos went out they opted to have something a bit shorter to promote their upcoming event, Gin Thursday’s. This was and still is (at the time of writing) an event that they carry out every Thursday for free that aims to teach you about different kinds of Gin’s and tasting tonics along with learning about botanicals. This is running every Thursday from 6.30pm at Residence Restaurant & Bar and is open to anybody and everybody. Did we mention that it’s completely free?



The Results


Okay so let’s get down to the nitty gritty part of the campaign, the results. We’ll break down the videos one by one…



Cocktail/Gin of the week videos


All of the videos that we produced for Residence can be seen via the video section of their Facebook page.



Espresso Martini (Cocktail) - 18th May 2017

Views - 2,088

Likes - 74

Shares - 11

Comments - 25




Monkey 47 (Gin) - 25th May 2017

Views - 838

Likes - 15

Shares - 6

Comments - 1




Long Island Iced Tea (Cocktail) - 1st June 2017

Views - 1,724

Likes - 40

Shares - 6

Comments - 11




King Soho (Gin) - 8th June 2017

Views - 966

Likes - 18

Shares - 11

Comments - 4





This brings a total over four weeks of:

Views - 5,616

Likes - 147

Shares - 34

Comments - 41


Just to go further into these results - this was over a four week period with absolutely no paid promotion whatsoever. So in the space of four weeks (excluding all other posts), Residence had received over five thousand views, over one hundred likes, over thirty shares and over forty comments.


Residences’ Facebook page has 6,046 likes and 5,893 followers at the time of writing. That would mean that in the space of four weeks these videos had almost amassed the same amount of views as that of their all time follower amount. Even though five thousand may not sound like the largest amount, when you break it down the videos performed extremely well. These also worked as research for the restaurant and bar, as it shows to them in numerical terms exactly what is popular among their following.



Gin Masterclass


As mentioned earlier, we produced a short and snappy GIF for Residence to promote their upcoming and ongoing event, Gin Thursday’s.


Here is what we came up with:




It is also worth keeping in mind that this post did receive some paid promotion.


Gin Masterclass every Thursday - 19th June 2017

Views - 18,772

Likes - 208

Shares - 70

Comments - 284


Breaking this down then we can instantly see how well this post did, the results are astonishing. This one post alone received more views than over triple of their all time followers of the page (5,893) and is their highest ever viewed video/graphic ever. It is also one of their most liked, shared and commented on posts since they joined Facebook in 2007. What this post also works to show is just how well the last set of videos (cocktail/gin of the weeks) did with no paid promotion.



Grand Total


Now that we have calculated all the relevant statistics from both sets of videos and graphics, we can formulate our grand total. In a time span of just over four weeks, Residence achieved…


Views - 24,388

Likes - 355

Shares - 104

Comments - 325


The results speak for themselves. In the space of four weeks, Residence managed to amass a viewing of over twenty four thousand, more than three hundred and fifty likes, over one hundred shares and three hundred and twenty five comments. It is worth noting that their subsequent Gin masterclass event went extremely well, as pictured below.







So what does this campaign show?


This campaign essentially stands to highlight the effectiveness of video marketing in the digital age. It showcases that video is not only engaging but it achieves engagements, even if you do not necessarily want to pay to promote it. A lot of companies, both small and large, are still relying on traditional methods of marketing and are often spending a fortune in the process.


This campaign demonstrates a modern, cost effective way to promote your business. One that doesn’t rely on somebody driving home from work and hearing you on the radio, one that doesn’t involve somebody looking through the business section of the local paper and one that doesn’t require somebody to take a flyer that’s been handed to them.


All this campaign required was a Facebook account (two billion + currently active) and a device to view it on (officially more mobile devices than people on earth).


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