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B2B Content Marketing Report 2016 | Key Findings & Top Tips

February 3, 2017



Content marketing continues to be one of the hottest marketing topics. B2B marketers are increasingly using content marketing tactics to better engage B2B buyers and educate, inform, entertain and guide them along their customer journey. But what’s behind the buzz and growing popularity of content marketing? 


The key findings from this report included over 600 survey responses from B2B marketing professionals to help better understand key trends, best practices and new challenges. 


You can read the full report here: B2B Content Marketing Report 2016


Survey Key Findings:

  1. Lead generation continues to remain the top goal for content marketing as it was in our last two surveys. However, this year, brand awareness takes second place moving up and switching spots with customer acquisition.

  2. There has been a large increase in the number of companies that have a content marketing strategy in place compared to our last survey. While this is good news, many companies still struggle to create an effective content marketing program. 

  3. Case studies take the top spot as the most effective content marketing tactic and format. As for other tactics, blogging is a close second. Surprisingly, the number of marketers who mentioned social media as an effective marketing tactic drops by almost half since our last survey. 

  4. The most mentioned content marketing challenge continues to be enough time and resources to create content. This year, the challenge of measuring content effectiveness moves up from fourth to the second biggest challenge followed by producing truly engaging content to serve the needs of marketing programs. 

  5. LinkedIn again tops the list of the most effective social media platforms to deliver content and engage audiences. This year, YouTube moves to second and Twitter moves down a rank to third as compared to our last survey. 



For more information on B2B Marketing Trends to prepare you for the coming year, take a look at a previous article: CaptureItMedia.co.uk



Top Tips for Content Marketing:


  • Task content marketing to have goals that support each other. Lead generation is easier to measure; however, building brand through content marketing is also important to drive the business forward. The reality is that if you are not reaching buyers in the very early stages of their research with your brand, you are not going to make the short list. 


  • While web metrics are easy to track, build systems that let you tie content marketing performance to key outcomes such as lead generation, pipeline and customer wins and revenue. 


  • As marketing focus shifts from quantity to quality, make sure to establish data-driven systems to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing programs. 


  • Try creating strategic partnerships with companies who have similar but not competing audiences so you can cross-promote content. Co-hosting webinars, or co- creating guides can help grow your database as well as ease your bandwidth requirements. 


  • Use marketing automation technologies to help you implement manual tasks, collect important data and intelligence about your content, and to enhance the overall performance and value of your marketing. 


  • Promotion is extremely important to generate more interactions, especially for teams who are limited on content bandwidth. Best practice indicates you should spend about 20 percent of your time creating content and 80 percent promoting it. 


  • When developing marketing content, consider your audience, the specific challenges they are addressing and where they are in the buying cycle. 


  • Over 75 percent of companies target content based on one classification or another. Take the time to target your content to create more compelling communications. 


  • When creating content, make sure the topic is relevant, compelling, and solicits a measurable response. 


  • When seeking subject matter for your content marketing, create content that is relevant and helpful to your audience by providing customer success examples, best practices and how-to guides.


  • When creating content, use customer testimonials and case studies to drive the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy. However, remember to map appropriate content to the buying stage. A prospect who has never engaged with your brand might be discouraged if the rst piece of content is a case study. 

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