Regular Content Plan

Supercharge your social media growth with our Regular Content Plan.


Introducing our RCP model

Investing in video production has become somewhat an essential for businesses looking to grow and build a brand online. Video has taken over the online space and is predicted to make up 82% of all online consumer traffic in 2022. For some added context, this is 15 times higher than it was in 2017!

However, effective video marketing content is not something you can just knock up overnight. Coming up with an idea and having the ability to execute it with no prior experience of producing video is a mammoth of a task but doing that over and over again throughout the duration of an entire year is where the stress begins to pile on for business owners and marketers! Afterall, there are so many other tasks that also cannot be neglected. This is where our regular content plan saves the day!

The RCP model takes all of the stress away from you. Here at Capture It, we boast a combined 10 + years of experience in creating video content for businesses both nationally and internationally, so your video marketing efforts are in safe hands!

So how does the RCP model work?
It’s actually much simpler than it sounds.

Essentially, we work alongside you as an extending arm within your company’s marketing department! We listen to your goals and aims, we advise, we plan, we shoot and we deliver!

This can be over a time period of your choosing however, the most common time-frame is usually six months to one year, allowing you to take comfort in knowing that you don’t have to worry about video production throughout the entire duration of the retainer. And more importantly, you can let your competitors do the worrying!The duration of the retainer provides access to video content consistently but the relationship it builds between your business and ours will also be of great value.


The advantages

Fixed Rate Costs

There are no hidden costs, no administration fees, no sneaky last minute add ons

Value For Money

We don’t need training. We don’t need holiday days or sick pay. We don’t need you to pay into our pension.

Save Money

Individual videos will cost more per project and will have to be planned separately.

Save Time

Creating content isn’t easy for anybody and when you have many other tasks to be getting on with it can quickly become a burden.

Consistent High Level Service

We always aim to deliver high quality work and see top notch results at the same time.

Trust And Support

You need to trust who you’re working with, that much is obvious and it goes without saying that working together over a long period of time is going to build exactly that.


The process


The onboarding process is heavily analysis based and will help us prepare you for the initiation stage. This will include Brand Strategy & Goals, Content Analysis, Audience Analysis and Competitor Analysis.


This is where we develop the strategy and begin to schedule for the retainer length. At this stage, we'll work on Video Content Strategy, Production Schedule and a Content Release Schedule. You will also be assigned a single point of contact and have access to a shared content drive.


This is the exciting phase of the retainer. It's at this point we begin to work on Pre-Production before creating the content and editing the content ready to be published! This is where you see the plan come to life and here you can offer feedback for revisions. Throughout this process, we'll be available for regular meetings and catch-ups so you're updated.

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