Why Video Content Is More Important Now Than Ever

Josh Lomax
July 5, 2022

Why Video Content Is More Important Now Than Ever

Video content has never been more important than it is right now. In fact, it is estimated that video currently accounts for more than 82% of all internet traffic and that 92% of marketers consider video an ‘important part’ of their overall strategy. So, can you really afford not to be using video?

For years video content has been the staple of many marketing strategies but it’s arguably never been as important as it is right now.

You only have to look on any popular social media platform and you’ll quickly see the significance of video.

There’s a good reason the world has turned to video content.

It’s visual, it’s engaging and ultimately for consumers, it’s easy.

Why read paragraph after paragraph of block text when you can just watch a simple video?

Unless obviously, you’re reading a blog on it.

So, what do you as a business or brand owner have to gain from using video?

Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about!

There is a demand for video content

It goes without saying that the reason video is so important is because there is actually a consumer demand for video content.

To put it into numbers, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand and/or business that they support.

When consumers were asked how they would like to learn more about a product or service, 73% of them said that they’d prefer to watch a video on it.

When there is a demand, there is an opportunity.

If you aren’t using video in some sense, there’s a good chance you’re missing out with your audience.

Video boosts sales and commands a great return on investment (ROI)

The one you probably wanted to see.

There can be no doubt about it - video commands a great ROI.

Don’t just take our word for it either.  

Over 86% of marketers claim that video has helped them generate leads and a further 81% say that it has directly helped them to increase sales.

Still not convinced?

Let’s take a look at a case study from Neil Patel’s company, Crazy Egg.

Crazy Egg hired a video team called Demo Duck to produce an explainer video introducing their services with explanations of how they could help their customers.

The results?

Demo Duck’s video helped Crazy Egg to increase its conversion rate by 64% and generate an additional $21,000 a month in revenue. In their own words, it was ‘not too shabby’.  

This isn’t a one-off kind of case study either. There’s plenty more where that came from.

If you’re still not convinced we’ll leave you with one more statistic to ponder.

According to a study conducted by Oberlo, 73% of consumers have been influenced by a brands social media presence when making purchasing decisions.  

The same study goes as far to suggest that video is a consumers favourite type of content!

Video is a lead generating machine

Not only does video boost sales and conversions, it also generates qualified leads and enquiries.

Wyzowl reported 85% of marketers as saying that video had helped them generate leads.  

In a study produced by Optinmonster, they found that video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year.

A further 93% claim that they have landed a customer from a video they’ve released on social media.  

Not only is video a great tool for generating leads, it is also perfect for building brand awareness.

Specifically, 93% of marketers say that video has boosted their brand awareness.  

What these statistics show is that video content is great for all stages of your sales funnel.

Mobile consumers love video content

Just as video is the dominant medium right now, mobile devices are the dominant consumption device.

In fact, according to Backlinko, 99% of users out of an astonishing 4.48 billion access social media websites or apps through a mobile device. Only 1.32% are accessing platforms via desktop.

With such high global usage, it only makes sense that video is rated as mobile consumers’ favourite type of content.

This is great news for us all. With a statistic as high as 99%, it is very likely that our target consumer is using a mobile device to access social media.

Some important points to consider here though.

When creating your video content for mobile consumers, remember to focus on creating vertical videos.

This is especially important if you’re creating ads for social. Only 30% of consumers are reported to turn their device landscape to watch an ad on social media.

Also question if landscape is even a good choice for your ad in the first place. It is reported that the majority of users will watch 90% of a vertical ad compared to only 14% for horizontal ones.

Finally, don’t be scared to go live with your content. Live video is on the up and is an excellent tool for retaining audience attention and boosting engagement!

Definitely food for thought when it comes to your social video creation!

Google and video go hand in hand

Much like mobile consumers, Google loves video content.

Let’s ignore for a second that video is estimated to make up 82% of all consumer online traffic.

Google loves video and it’s not some secret affair either. Google has been open about their craving for video for years now.

Did you know that video results are 55 times more likely to be organically ranked than text-based results?

Did you also know that just by adding a video to your website, it becomes 53 times more likely to be ranked on the first page of Google?  

Let’s not forget either that Google owns YouTube and so the two are often linked when it comes to ranking and search results.

In fact, 88% of videos ranking on Google rank in the top 10 for YouTube for the same search.

It’s not always as straight forward as that with the two platforms but it’s certainly worth considering when going forward with your content!

Video ranks as the most shareable medium

Video is easily the most shareable type of content available to us.

In a study produced by Wyzowl, users were found to be twice as likely to share a video with their friends than any other type of content. This included social media pages, blog articles and online products.

The social statistics also back this up.

Did you know that video posts on Facebook receive at least 59% more engagement than other posts, even out performing images by 73%?

The same goes for Instagram, with videos receiving 21.2% more engagements than photo posts.

Also with Twitter, where tweets with a video attached gain 89% more likes and 150% more retweets than those without.  

The bottom line here is that video is a very social friendly and sharable medium – do not neglect it!

Video builds trust and helps behind the scenes

Video isn’t all about the fancy top-end statistics regarding sales and leads.

One of the best benefits of using video content is that it builds trust with your consumer.

Trust that you are who you say you are, trust that you can do what you say you can do and trust that you’re a reputable brand who’s striving to improve.

There’s arguably nothing more important than having that trust with your consumer.

Not only that, video can also help you in ways that you probably haven’t even thought about.

For instance, video can actually help your consumer to understand your product and reduce their need to get in touch with you directly.

To use another statistic, 49% of marketers have claimed that using video content has reduced support calls.

Not only is this saving you time and money, it’s also saving your consumer the hassle of having to contact you.

It’s a win win!

Key Takeaways

Throughout the entirety of this article we’ve claimed that video content is more important now than ever.

Although we may have used a lot of statistics, we think we’ve proven that point.

Not only are there many direct benefits to using video content, there are also indirect benefits like the ones we covered above.  

Let's not forget that there is a clear consumer demand for more video content which is arguably the most important thing to take from this article!

The only question left for you now is how are you going to capitalise on this opportunity?

There’s only one real answer – start producing videos!