Six Tips For Creating Festive Content For Your Social Media

Josh Lomax
April 14, 2022

Six Tips For Creating Festive Content For Your Social Media

‘Tis almost the season to be jolly and there is no better time to prepare your festive marketing than right now. Love it or hate it, the festive season is looming upon us and as our present to you, we’re giving away a few quick tips on how you can get the most out of your video content.

Surprisingly, this can be an amazing time for businesses to capitalise on the jolly season with a solid Christmas marketing campaign. No doubt you’ve already seen large corporations producing viral Christmas videos year in year out but don’t let that put you off releasing your own.

Tip #1 - Have a clear message

The first step to having a clear message is choosing a clear message. Do you want your video to be a story? Do you want an upbeat humorous video? Maybe even an animated video?

Whatever you choose, and they are all good choices, make sure you have a clear message. Take note that any good Christmas video you’ll be able to recall off the top of your head will have had a solid purposeful message behind it.

Tip #2 - Choose a theme

Now that you have a message for your video, it’s time to choose a theme. Obviously, this needs to be brand appropriate but festive marketing tends to be more lenient toward following branding standards so you’ve plenty of opportunity to get creative.

Select a theme that’s aligned with your brand and your message. The best themes are almost always wrapped around strong messages. Think about John Lewis’ festive marketing adverts, they always have strong takeaway messages wrapped up in high end festive production value. The theme should remain consistent throughout.

Tip #3 - Pick your music carefully

Your music selection should come naturally after choosing a message and a theme. This is a vital step of the creative process that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially during the festive period. Music is such a powerful tool and can separate a good video from a great video.

The best advice here is to choose a piece of music that fits the theme or one that holds significant relevance to your business in general.

Tip #4 - Get creative

Let’s not forget the main part of this whole process - getting creative. Don’t be afraid to step out of convention and try something new. This is especially relevant now as we are going through unprecedented times. Life has changed since the Coronavirus outbreak and so has the festive holidays. How could this possibly impact your approach

Audiences and the industry as a whole crave new content, new approaches and new ideas so don’t worry about bombing out. The festive period offers us amazing tropes to follow if we choose to do so but there’s no rule that says we can’t add our own spin.

Tip #5 - Don’t be discouraged by budget

This goes hand in hand with getting creative. You don’t need a big budget to succeed on a social level. Don’t be discouraged by the behemoths of festive marketing. Money can buy all the props in the world but it can’t buy creativity and an original concept.

Ultimately, the only limit here is your imagination, not your wallet.

Tip #6 - Start as soon as you can

Don’t delay, if you’ve got an idea and think it could work then go for it. Don’t wait around and keep putting it off. The longer you leave it the less chance you give yourself to achieve your goals.

The best time to start on your festive content marketing is right now!

Final Thoughts

So there we have it, six tips for creating festive content for your social media channels. Choose a message, select a theme, pick some relevant music, get creative with your concept, persevere with your budget and start as soon as you can.

The festive season is all about happiness and joy, being upbeat and in the Christmas spirit with close friends and family. Let your video replicate these ideals. You’ll be surprised how impactful and engaging your video can be when you follow these steps.