Can You Help To Prevent Climate Change? Here’s Our Pledge!

Josh Lomax
April 14, 2022

Can You Help To Prevent Climate Change? Here’s Our Pledge!

Time is running out. Our planet is in a state of crisis. Help is urgently needed to combat climate change and put our environment back on the path towards prosperity. This affects all of us - there is no silver lining here.

It’s no secret that our climate is heading for disaster.

Rainforests are being destroyed by the minute, Sea levels are rising year on year, temperatures are increasing, species are losing habitats and risking extinction, hurricanes and typhoons are more destructive than they’ve ever been and that’s just the half of it.

Currently there is no end in sight for this destructive behaviour.

However, we can all take steps today to work for a better tomorrow.

We still have time to turn this around.

That means - reducing our own carbon footprints (you can calculate your carbon footprint online for free), promoting and getting involved with green initiatives, supporting environmentally friendly organisations and generally working towards a greener future.

This will be a benefit to all of us and more importantly a benefit to our incredible planet.

So, what have we done?

We have signed up with Ecologi, an organisation dedicated to combating our current climate crisis. Our eco goals are set - we aim to plant 24 trees and remove 2.3 tonnes (equivalent of 2 footprints yearly) of CO2 from the atmosphere each month.

Ecologi’s process is simple - you sign up, calculate your own carbon footprint, choose a contribution subscription (starting at just £4.50 / month), set your eco goals and then watch as you help cleanse the planet. All information regarding your contribution will be displayed on your account, including all the facts and figures of how your contributions have helped so far.

Their lowest package - starting at £4.50 a month - will see you plant 12 trees each month and remove the equivalent of 1 footprint each year (14 tonnes of CO2). They do also offer higher priced packages should you wish to donate a larger amount.

As a company, we have also taken further steps to reduce our carbon footprint, including:

- Taking no plastic water bottles on to set for ourselves our any other crew member
- Using reusable bags as opposed to plastic bags
- Taking a recycling bin with us to every shoot we go to
- Reducing our driving mileage where possible

There is plenty we can all do to help combat climate change.

You don’t have to spend money to help, we just have to be conscious of our own impacts on the environment and reduce them where we can.

Together, we can make a difference.