How You Can Create Product And Demo Videos: Your Go-To Guide

Josh Lomax
April 14, 2022

How You Can Create Product And Demo Videos: Your Go-To Guide

Product and demo videos remain as popular as ever and one of the most common questions we get is - ‘How can we create our own product/demo videos?’

We’ve already covered how to go about creating a product video in-depth in another article so we’ll keep this one short and sweet.

Product videos have, are and probably always will be an extremely popular choice.

Let’s be honest, there’s no better way to showcase your product than to actually showcase your product, so it's perfectly understandable.

It only makes sense then that a lot of business owners and brands want to create their own product videos.

This obviously brings a few difficulties and questions of its own but it's certainly nothing to worry about.

We’re going to break down the steps you’ll take to see your project through from the planning stage all the way to the final product!


This is the pre-production stage.

We can’t stress enough the importance of planning here. 

This is easily the most important section of the process. Remember the classic saying that you can’t polish a turd? Well if you don’t plan you’ll almost definitely be doing just that.

So what happens here? There’s a few important questions you need to ask yourself here.

Who is your target audience?

This is arguably the most important question you’ll ask yourself throughout this process. Who is your video targeted at? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here, only you will know your businesses target audience.

What are your goals?

This may sound obvious but don’t take it at face value. Everyone who produces a product video obviously wants to sell products but what are your actual goals? Do you aim to see an increase in website conversions? Do you want to boost your social media following? What is it that you hope this video will achieve?

What’s the context?

This may sound strange but what you need to ask yourself here is what benefits does your product bring? What problems does it solve for your consumer? How will having or using your product change their lives for the better? Context is king here so no bragging.

Where is your video going?

This will all likely depend on your target audience and purpose but you need to be aware of how video behaves on the different social media platforms. Video length, sizing and content will all differ depending on where it’s being posted. If you need any further help here, we’ve got you covered!

Call to action?

This is quite self-explanatory but what is your call to action going to be? An in-post link? A direction to your website? In addition to that, where are you actually sending them? A page selling your product? Your landing page? Don’t just send them anywhere, direct your traffic!

Do you need a script?

Depending upon your plan, you may need a script. The options here are either write one yourself or ask the production company you’re working with (if you are of course) to write one for you.

I know it looks like a lot but don’t get discouraged here. A lot of these questions will answer themselves once you begin to define the basics of your audience and the project's purpose. We’ve solely included them all as a checklist type run through should you need any extra guidance.

Once you have definitive answers to these questions though you can then move on to the fun part of the video process - the creation!


This is the stage where your video comes to life.

There are two ways to approach production, you can either commission a video production company or have a go yourself.

We’ll talk about both options below.

If you’ve hired a production company...

If you’ve commissioned a video production company to help you see the project through, this stage is going to be extremely easy for you. All you’ve got to do is sit back and let them work their magic.

The company will have likely gone through the planning stage with you too which will make it even easier as they will completely understand what you want. 

If you’re creating it yourself…

If you’re going it alone, we’d urge you to watch some videos on creating content and purchase some basic kit to improve the quality.

Here’s a shopping list for you:

  • A tripod for your smartphone or video camera
  • Some basic lighting
  • A clip on microphone or shotgun mic
  • Any relevant accessories like coloured cards for backdrops etc.

You can get all of these online and their starter prices really aren’t that expensive. Be mindful here though, you get what you pay for. Low end equipment will produce a low end result.

Even though it sounds biased, we really wouldn’t recommend going it alone if you’re serious about your product. It’s certainly a feasible option but it can often be a recipe for disaster. 

You can pick up the basics of video production quite quickly but it takes time to become proficient.

Nevertheless, here are some tips for beginners:

  • Shoot using a tripod - avoid handheld if you can, especially for fixed shots. Fixing shakiness in post production can be very frustrating and time consuming.
  • Avoid zooming on your phone - most phone cameras tend to use digital zoom which means it actually loses quality as you zoom in. We don’t need to tell you that losing quality is obviously not what you want here.
  • Research basic lighting techniques - just because you’ve got a lighting kit doesn’t mean you’re using it correctly. Take some time to learn how to set up your lighting to get the most out of your product. This will save you so many headaches down the line!
  • Always use a microphone - smartphone and in camera audio quality has got better over time it has to be said. Nevertheless, it doesn’t compete with an actual microphone and it will be very obvious in the final edit.
  • Think about orientation - horizontal is usually the standard to shoot in but vertical video obviously has its uses too (think Instagram reels, TikTok etc.). Don’t just wing it, think about how you’re shooting your video.

You’ll make mistakes here but it’s nothing to worry about, you’ve just got to reset your shot and go again.

Once this stage is done you’ve only got one stage left - post-production!


This is the final stage of the process.

This is where all of your plans will come together and your final video will be produced!

Now again, there are two options here.

Either you’ve hired a video production company or you’ve gone solo.

If you’ve hired a video production company…

If again, you’ve hired a video production company, this process will be very easy for you. 

All you have to do is wait for them to send you the video.

Then you can request any changes that you think are necessary.

That is literally all you have to do at this stage until you’re happy with the final product.

If you’re creating it yourself… 

If you’re doing it yourself this stage will likely be tricky.

We definitely recommend watching a few videos on editing content just to give you some understanding of the principles and techniques behind it all.

You’ve got a few options here.

You can either use a basic video editing app, of which there are many. Plenty of these are free to use too. The downside to them is that they are very basic so don’t expect anything too crazy.

Failing that, you can actually edit them yourself using video editing software. If you’re a Mac user, iMovie is free to use and quite easy to get to grips with. 

If not, you have software like Final Cut Pro X (still predominantly iMac), Adobe Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve. These are amazing for video editing but do keep in mind that you have to pay to use each of these programs and they will require some prior learning before jumping in. 

Again, you’re likely to make some mistakes here but the beauty of editing is that nothing is final. You can easily go back and correct your mistakes so it’s never really too worrying.

Once you’re happy with your final video, your project is done.

Well, the creation part anyway.

Congratulations on your new product video!

The next part is promotion and marketing but we’ll save that for another article.

Final Thoughts

Creating a product video doesn’t have to be some daunting task. It’s actually a lot of fun whichever route you take. If you hire a production company you’ll get to see your idea go from paper to real life and if you create it yourself, you’ll learn a lot along the way.

Not to mention that product videos are great for businesses. They can be an amazing way to connect with your customers and show them how you can change their lives for the better. 

Product videos are also great for the creative mind. Think about it, you can literally do whatever you want with your product. It’s your product. You can sell it however you see fit and it’s often the ones that are a little different that do so well. 

You’d be very surprised how far a little creativity could take you. 

What are you waiting for?