Do Corporate Videos Still Work? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Corporate Video Production

Shaun Boden
April 14, 2022

Do Corporate Videos Still Work? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Corporate Video Production.

Corporate video has been around for some time now and while they can still be very effective videos, the margin for error has become drastically thin.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear corporate video?

Is it a bunch of people wearing ties talking to a camera about statistics and figures? Or plenty of slow shots of the office space? Whatever it may be, we all have some idea of what a “typical” corporate video looks like.

This is in no way an attack on those videos as some of those concepts have been highly effective in the past and continue to work for particular audiences (investors, new staff members etc.). However, we can’t help but feel they’re a little oversaturated and outdated now.

In a time where audience retention is so important, we can’t afford for any second of our videos to be disengaging.

Creativity is key here, especially in an area that is stereotypically seen as “boring” (not our direct quote).

So without further ado let’s fasten our ties and run through all things corporate.

What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is any piece of video content that is produced for internal or external corporate communication. In simpler terms, it’s a video that is produced by a business (corporation) either for themselves (employees, new recruits etc.) or for their intended target audience (investors, potential employees, clients etc.).

The main difference between a corporate video and your traditional business advert is the target audience. A corporate video almost always has a specific audience and is rarely targeted for the general public.

Some examples of corporate videos would be - a video to showcase financial results to shareholders, training videos for employees, company culture videos for new recruits.

Do corporate videos still work?


Let’s cut to the chase, corporate videos are still a very effective method of communication within a business.

Video is bigger than ever right now so there’s not many better ways to issue communications engagingly within your organisation than with video.

Even though the approach may need a little tweaking so that you don’t fall under the generic umbrella of corporate conventions, you can still achieve amazing results with corporate video.

What makes a corporate video a “good” one?

So, we’ve established that corporate videos still work but what separates a good performing corporate video from the rest?

Well, there’s a few things.

The main one? Creativity.

Creativity can come in many different forms; an engaging storyline, an effortless animation style, a video that breaks conventions, a message that’s different to the usual one we receive, even the distinct sound of a voice over artist.

It can come in many forms but it must come, we can’t afford to just follow industry conventions anymore.

The good news here is that it really isn’t that hard to be creative with your video. Every business, organisation and individual is unique. Your business is unique. All you have to do is explore your business and capture all it’s quirkiness on camera.

Let’s look at some good examples of corporate video.


Watch video

This is an excellent example of an emotive corporate video. It’s really creative, engaging and original. Notice how the video promotes Honda without directly promoting Honda, they don’t need to show specs or discuss technical jargon, they simply show how they are helping consumers everyday. The best kind of advertising.


Watch video

The animation alone knocks creativity out of the park. It’s simply joyous to watch. The visuals match up perfectly with the voice over and it’s sleek style really does keep your attention. Practicus call this an explainer video and it is exactly that, they perfectly show what they do and how they do it without a second of wasted time. An amazing animated corporate video.

Men’s Health

Watch video

Another animation video, different style, same level of creativity. It’s titled ‘How a Bean Becomes a Fart’ and literally shows how our bodies process beans and turn them into gas. Now in theory that either sounds like an astounding success or massive failure. It’s definitely the former. The video is bold, quirky and very humorous. It’s a very playful video and we genuinely couldn’t take our eyes off it!

The dos and don'ts of corporate video

Okay, we’ve run through some great examples of corporate video but what does this really mean for you? How can you make great videos like the one above?

Let’s run through some quick dos and don’ts when producing your own corporate video.

Do - Think about what message you want to convey with your video. Keep this in mind at all times and never let your ideas stray from your message. Keep it simple.

Don’t - Use corporate jargon. This can be very hard to stop when you’re using it daily but drop all corporate jargon from your video. It is an audience attention killer!

Do - Get creative with your concept. Let your video tell your story, not the person wearing the suit and tie (think Honda). Get creative and produce something that really gets the emotions flowing. Granted this is the riskier option but the potential benefits are definitely worth it (think Honda).

Don’t - Let your video drag. There is nothing worse for audience retention than a video that doesn’t know when to stop.

Do - Use the professionals. We get it, we’re a video production company telling you to hire a video production company. How dare we! Nevertheless, this couldn’t be more important. No matter who it is, make sure you at least seek some professional advice. Image quality, lighting, sound, attention to detail - all of these will make or break your video.

Don’t - Oversell it. We all know you’re the best business around but go easy on the self schmoozing, it can quickly be perceived as arrogance. There are some exceptions here such as company finance reporting but even then, keep it focused and appropriate!

Final Thoughts

Creating and producing a corporate video can seem like a mammoth task but it really doesn’t have to be. It can actually be a really fun and enriching experience. You just have to make sure that you build a solid plan and follow through with every step of it.

As we’ve said, seeking professional help here will save you a lot of time and resources. Find a team who have experience in the field and have a tried and tested portfolio with content that you actually like. Most reputable video production companies will offer free consultations so find one you like and book a meeting, it doesn’t cost you anything and it might be the catalyst you need to get your video off the ground.

Ultimately, corporate videos remain a very effective means of communication from a business regardless of the size. All they need is a little creativity.