6 Reasons Why Video Production Is So Important For Your Business

Josh Lomax
April 14, 2022

6 Reasons Why Video Production Is So Important For Your Business

Video production remains as effective as ever. Even more so since the coronavirus pandemic kicked off in March last year. There’s too many reasons as to why video production is important for your business but we’ve picked out six of our top picks that’ll have you brushing off your best outfit and getting out the teeth whitening formula.

Video marketing is bigger than ever right now and it is becoming an essential for any business hoping to grow or build an online presence. Did you know that 85% of businesses currently use video compared to 61% in 2016?

Of the businesses that do utilise video, 92% of marketers say that it’s a vital part of their strategy and it is said that 82% of all consumer internet traffic will come from videos by 2022.

That means if your business isn’t currently using or even considering video marketing, you could be potentially missing out on a whole host of potential new clients/audiences.

The question for businesses now becomes - can you afford not to use video?

Video boosts sales and conversions

First things first.

Video has endless potential when it comes to filling your pockets with booty.

Let me say that again for those who didn’t catch it the first time.

The potential financial benefits of video production are endless.

Want some statistical proof? Well, 80% of marketers have gone on record to say that video has directly helped to increase sales within their companies and adding a video to your landing page alone can increase conversions by 80%.

To go into some more depth here, 95% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service and of those who do watch, up to 69% of those consumers have been convinced to buy a piece of software or application. Studies have also shown that 74% of consumers who watched a video about a product went on to buy that product at a later date.

What do all these numbers mean for your business?

Consider investing in video marketing.

Video commands great ROI

We’ve spoken about how video can boost sales and conversions but let’s now turn our attention to the most important factor of all, your return on investment (ROI).

Again, there’s plenty of reason to get excited here - 89% of marketers say that in general, video has given them a good return on their investment and that 95% of marketers will begin/continue to use video in the new year.

For all you lovers of the cat and mouse sales game, there’s some joy for you here too. Not only is video a proven converter, but 83% of video marketers say that their video content has helped them generate leads.

Not only is video a proven method for a great ROI, it can also help to reduce your man hours conversing with your customers about your product/service. In fact, 43% of marketers have said that their videos have reduced the number of support calls they’ve received.

Now, we can understand if you’re hesitant about the spend. It’s one of the common concerns among businesses thinking about video.

Video production can be costly but this undoubtedly isn’t always the case and it’s often worth seeing what you can achieve regardless of budget.

Most reputable video production companies will offer free consultations so you can get some idea of what you can do with what you’ve got.

Google and video sitting in a tree...

Google loves video content.

Did you know that by integrating a video on your website it’s 53 times more likely to be ranked on the first page of Google?

Video helps to increase dwell time, build trust and reduce bounce rate which will only have positive impacts on your websites analytics. The better your results, the better signals search engines receive that your content is good content and is worth consumers time. The higher up the rankings you go.

Don’t forget that Google owns YouTube, which is pretty much the hub for all things video. Understandably then, there has been a drastic increase in how much video content can impact your rankings.

What does this mean for you? Ensuring that any content you do produce is published on and optimised for (descriptions, tags, links etc.) YouTube as well as other mediums.

Our two pence - there is a lot to video content and Google that goes beyond just publishing a video and sitting back watching the “millies” roll in. Don’t neglect the seo side of video and ensure that you provide Google with all the information needed for them to effectively crawl your content. If you are confused about this, Google has a whole host of pages to help you understand how to do it. It is well worth your time to go through and do it correctly.

Video is a social medium

Okay this one is kind of obvious but just as relevant.

Video is huge on social media. Open any of the mainstream apps and you’ll undoubtedly see a video in seconds.

Now, depending on what social circles you move in this could be an animal video or a prank compilation. That’s on you.

To stay consistent and throw a statistic into the mix, did you know that over 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day? And that a further 500 million hours of video content are watched on YouTube every day.

In terms of their shareability, video posts on Facebook get at least 59% more engagement than other post types, outperforming photos by 73%. Instagram videos receive 21.2% higher interactions than photo posts and have 130 million consumers tapping on shopping posts each month. Tweets with images/videos attached receive 18% more click-throughs, 89% more likes and 150% more retweets. Users on Pinterest are 2.6 times more likely to purchase after watching a video.

We’ll stop here, you get the idea.

Our three pence - we haven’t included this in our list but mobile optimisation is essential. This directly relates to social media. Make sure your videos are mobile compatible so you don’t dampen your level of engagement.

Video builds consumer trust

Trust is built in all kinds of ways.

Good customer service, front facing values and return policies? Yes

Spammy emails, fake addresses and shell companies? No

Thankfully, video fits into the first category. And fits quite nicely as well.

To be able to attain the ROI statistics that it has, it has to be somewhat a trusted medium among consumers.

The foundation of sales is trust. We don’t exchange secrets with people who can’t keep quiet in the same way that we don’t purchase from companies who ask you to sign up with a credit card.

Promotional videos, behind the scenes videos, blooper reels - these all build trust with your customer. Specifically, videos that include your team/yourself can harbour great trust because you’re putting faces to the brand.

Remember that trust builds relationships and relationships breeds sales. If you want long term relationships with your customers, they have to trust you. Video will do just that.

Budget is no excuse here either, if anything user generated content promotes just as much trust as professional content because it will enable your customers to relate to you.

Our bit - Influencer marketing is a great way to build trust in your company as no high profile person would ever willingly link their name to something untoward. Not to mention the wonders it can do for your online presence but we’ll save that for another blog post.

We’re all quite lazy

Time to be honest here.

As consumers, we are all very lazy.

If there’s a way for us to get the same outcome but save 5 seconds, you can all but guarantee we’ll take it.

Why use Amazon over going to the shops? It literally takes 3 clicks and you can have it tomorrow. The other option means getting off the sofa.

Video is the Amazon here. Why would a consumer read paragraph upon paragraph when they can just watch a video on it and do absolutely nothing.

Not just in terms of selling your product/service but even with your customer relations side. Why would a customer want to call through only to be put on hold and passed around a few times when they could just watch an explainer video that sorted their issue in a matter of minutes?

The answer to these is simple, they wouldn’t. Consumers, like you and I, just want the solution to our problem in the fastest way possible.

Our final tip - that last sentence is key in the video creation process. Create content that addresses and solves customers problems, not videos that boast about how good you are.

Final Thoughts

So there we have our list of 6 reasons why video production is important for your business. Video marketing is becoming more accessible and affordable for all companies and is an easy way to build an online presence. As a final point, I would argue that it’s not the size of your wallet that makes the difference. The only limit is your own mind.

Creativity will always reign victorious.