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Who we are

We founded our video production company in 2016 with a vision for creating successful campaigns that audiences will remember. We love to work with brands that understand the importance of creativity and have a passion for what they do.

We've worked on projects of all sizes both nationally and internationally and have over 10 years experience in the field of video marketing. We love what we do!

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Josh Lomax



Josh loves the creation process. Whether he's out shooting or at his desk animating, Josh is always creating something. He has worked on everything from international projects for high profile sports stars to promotional videos for startup auto enrolment companies. Josh is definitely the quieter one out of the two but in his words, "he let's his videos do the talking". Make of that what you will.

He would probably claim to be better than Shaun but this is an ongoing debate that still has no definitive outcome (depending on who you ask).


Josh loves coffee, animals and sport. He is an avid fan of Werder Bremen and a wannabe groupie of Roger Federer.

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Shaun Boden



Shaun is a self proclaimed marketing whiz. He loves creating video content and has a particular flair for marketing it. He has designed and overseen a number of campaigns both nationally and internationally and has seen his work showcased on some of the most famous landmarks in the world. His most recent campaign was plastered all over central London and Manchester, with his video content being viewed by the thousands.

He rarely mentions this of course, especially when debates about who's more important comes up. We can't recall one time he's mentioned it...


Shaun loves music, long trips and the great outdoors. He loves nothing more than exploring random places and finding "hidden gems within nature" - otherwise known as secluded walks.

Our Environment Pledge

We've already spoken a little bit about what we love and even though we have some different interests, one thing that we agree on completely is a love and care for our environment. We only have one planet and we firmly believe that we should do our part as a company to minimise our carbon footprint and help turn around the terrible statistics so that our environment can thrive once again.

We have signed up to a monthly pledge that will see 24 trees being planted and 2.3 tons of CO2 being removed from the atmosphere each month.

In addition, we have also ensured that:
- we take no bottles of plastic water on set with us for any crew member
- we use reusable bags as opposed to plastic bags
- we take a container specifically for recycling with us on every shoot
- we try to reduce our driving mileage where possible

We are encouraging as many people as possible to join us on our mission to help combat climate change. Together, we can make a difference.

10 Facts


Capture It Media probably wouldn't exist today if both our chairs weren't coincidentally stolen during our Media class in college.


We once pretended to like salmon bagels in Mike Tyson's Kitchen in order to not offend.


Our first ever video for Capture It Media was filming UB40 live at the Park Regis Hotel in Birmingham to raise money for Birmingham Children's Hospital.


We once attempted a football challenge in our office in hopes of viral success, only to be met with a phone call from the office manager who seemed to think it was a breach of our office agreement.


Fast forward four years on from the crime outlined in fact 1, the Capture It Media idea was the result of a delayed train commute from university.


Floyd Mayweather once had Shaun removed from a room before later realising we were hired by his promoters to film (live stream exists somewhere on the internet).


Josh's first payment from Capture It Media came in the form of a Denmark 2018 World Cup home shirt with Thomas Delaney printed on the back.


One morning during the blissful winter of 2017, we both managed to bluff each other into bracing the bitter snow to make it into the office, only to set out two hours later to avoid rush hour traffic.


During our earlier months, in a bid of desperation, we offered a free Christmas themed logo and got banned from a popular online forum for alleged spam.


We were once referred to as Shane Doden and John Lomas.

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