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"Opportunities don't happen. You create them." - Chris Grosser

Similarly, successful marketing strategies don't happen. We create them.

All joking aside, we believe that for us to be successful, our clients have to be successful. In order for us to achieve the results, you must first see the results. The scope of your business doesn't matter to us, whether you're a giant corporation or a brand new startup, our focus and attention to detail doesn't change.


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1. Capture It Media probably wouldn't exist today if both our chairs weren't coincidentally stolen during our Media class in college.

2. We once pretended to like salmon bagels in Mike Tyson's Kitchen in order to not offend.

3. Our first ever video for Capture It Media was filming UB40 live at the Park Regis Hotel in Birmingham to raise money for Birmingham Children's Hospital.

4. We once attempted a football challenge in our office in hopes of viral success, only to be met with a phone call from the office manager who seemed to think it was a breach of our office agreement.

5. Fast forward four years on from the crime outlined in fact 1, the Capture It Media idea was the result of a delayed train commute from university.

6. Floyd Mayweather once had Shaun removed from a room before later realising we were hired by his promoters to film (live stream exists somewhere on the internet).

7. Josh's first payment from Capture It Media came in the form of a Denmark 2018 World Cup home shirt with Thomas Delaney printed on the back.

8. One morning during the blissful winter of 2017, we both managed to bluff each other into bracing the bitter snow to make it into the office, only to set out two hours later to avoid rush hour traffic.

9. During our earlier months, in a bid of desperation, we offered a free Christmas themed logo and got banned from a popular online forum for alleged spam.

10 . We were once referred to as Shane Doden and John Lomas.


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